Waterford Institute of Technology

Bachelors in Information Technology

  • Information Technology class representative
  • Team leader in Robocode Java hackaton
  • Deep dive in OSI models, HTTP protocol
  • Took multiple semesters of cloud computing in AWS including AWS automation with Python
  • Developed applications in Java and Kotlin as class projects
  • Enterprise application security involved hands-on pen testing of OWASP Web Goat


CompTia Security+

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals AZ-900


Network Operations Engineer

G-Research July 2023- Present

  • Implemented Cisco/Arista networking changes affecting 1000s of devices across diverse data halls, including a robust 8MW hall and WAN circuits utilizing dark fiber across multiple vendors.
  • Utilized Prometheus, Grafana, LibreNMS, and ELK stack for dynamic logging, real-time alerting, and comprehensive analytics. Developed the Prometheus and Grafana systems
  • Developed Python automation that saved 30 man hours per week by removing manual input in data center management processes. Driven large-scale deployments using IaC utilizing Ansible, and integrating seamlessly with CI/CD pipelines powered by Jenkins.
  • Developed Bash scripts to automate manual processes. Troubleshooting Kubernetes network faults
  • Troubleshooting firewall issues on Fortigate, Checkpoint, Palo Alto devices
  • Extensively utilize BGP protocol for efficient routing and network management

IT Support Technician

Alterra Mountain Company October 2022- July 2023

  • Provided technical support completing over 800 tickets for a multi-billion dollar Resort
  • Utilized Active Directory and AAD to manage over 1000 Users working with security groups, access management, and Azure User’s and Groups
  • Investigated network related issues in a Cisco multi-network environment and experience troubleshooting in a Datacenter
  • Created Powershell scripts to automate process within a Azure Hybrid-Cloud deployment
  • Assisted in development of Virtual Machine solutions to consolidate security systems into an accessible and secure system
  • Analyzed security for 1000+ assets with Crowdstrike Falcon to assess compliance standards
  • Managed network security with Palo Alto Panorama firewall management
  • Improved security on end-user devices by creating Windows provisional packages

General Manager

Bésame December 2021 - July 2022

  • Managed over 40 employees in a restaurant grossing over 2.5 million annually
  • Created effective solutions to maximize cost saving and customer satisfaction
  • Managed Toast POS and CRM system, including employees access management and payroll
  • Communicated with customers, addressing concerns and feedback

Website Development Intern

Crackerjack Consulting July 2020 - January 2021

  • Designed and developed 3 e-commerce websites on Wordpress platform with plug-ins
  • Consulted with clients to create useful solutions applicable for their business
  • Created Technical solutions and used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Keeping up with the latest developments with platforms and tools is something I am passionate about. I am constantly picking up new skills and am eager to learn more.

  • Java/Python/Kotlin: Multiple projects on my Github
  • Pen Testing: Created home lab with both Raspberry Pi and Kali VM, utilized tools such as nmap, burp-suite, Wireshark, Metasploit to pentest in CTF environments such as HackTheBox and OverTheWire. Used network simulations in Wireshark to identify threats and anomalies
  • HTTP/HTTPS/OSI: High familiarity with the OSI model and protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS
  • Linux/Windows: I utilize a dual boot Linux/Windows Machine personally and use Windows in a Technician role
  • SQL: Created multiple databases and query an enterprise database often
  • Routing/Switching: Extensive practice in Cisco packet tracer
  • AWS/Azure: AZ-900 Certification and work with managing EC2 instances and th networks behinf them
  • Virtualization: Created multiple VM's in my home lab
  • Powershell: Self-taught and created multiple scripts now in production
  • Troubleshooting: As a support technician I work through problems daily
  • People Management: Managing a restaurant
  • Communication: Great at in person and with collaboration tools such as Teams/Slack
  • Boto3: Automated cloud processes in AWS

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